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Every University across the country has a Students' Union to represent the academic interests of their students. The Students' Union is run by students has has four elected students per year to represent students. The Students' Union has many services for students ranging from Shops to night clubs to their own letting agency. On being recruited I was tasked to de-design the whole union website while keeping the design and site code to a standard that will enable union staff to edit the website where required using a "what you see is what you get editor".

Example of The Completed Project

Company logo of completed workMockup of the the work completed.

Technology Used


CMSHTML/CSSJavaScriptAWS Services

Key Features:

  • ⚙️ Full Customisable Content
  • ⚙️ Well Written Code, So That The Site Is Easier To Maintain
  • ⚙️ Optimised for Any Device


Mobile Application Development
Website Designer
SEO & Marketing
Full Bespoke System Development
Technical Consultancy


Please feel free to get in touch any time, using either the contact form or directly via Email. To prevent spam I have not included a contact number on my web site or social media channels, if you require a chat get in touch via email first and we can exchange contact details.

✉️ hello@krisw.co.uk


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